Edmonton Heritage Festival Association

Edmonton Heritage Festival 2019

August 3rd - 5th, 2019
The Edmonton Heritage Festival is a celebration of Canada’s multicultural spirit in Edmonton’s beautiful river valley. "Adventure awaits" with our 70 pavilions showcasing over 85 different cultures through authentic foods, free entertainment, and numerous arts and crafts markets!!!

If you are looking for additional opportunities for the festival, some of our pavilions are looking for volunteers as well. Please see below and follow the links to see their opportunities.

Israel http://volunteersignup.org/WLBF4 OR http://volunteersignup.org/QXT4L
France https://signup.com/go/hGXkGSS
Ireland https://signup.com/go/PeqQEkf
Italy https://1drv.ms/x/s!Ag0vGEovNzHwgSMVKM3fXzjmtqLJ
Zimbabwe Ms Siba 780 222 2833 or Ranga 780 695 0332 (Please call for info)
Jamaica Stefanie-780.863.3610 (Office Help Needed. Please call for info)
Morocco Samira Hamana - 780-807-4247 (Please call for info)

Volunteer Orientation & Training date will be on Tuesday July 30th at 5:00 PM at the Amphitheatre in Hawrelak Park.

*Details about time, parking, location map, etc will be sent out closer to the Festival.

**Mailing Address**
#100, 11230 - 119 Street
Edmonton, AB
T5G 2X3
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